When Pigs Fly 140

It's time for those pigs to fly!

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chelsaphelia asked: I am a zija distributor and i use it myself and have lost 29.5lbs on it so far and i started it in feb. :)

Did you have to diet or exercise along with the Zija? I’m so excited to start it!

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Day 1.

Today wasn’t awful.

It definitely went better than expected. I’m not living on my own right now due to my job, so what I eat isn’t entirely in my hands. 

I started my calorie counter app today and I love it! I stayed under 1400 calories today in food, (drinks take too much… one glass of Pink Lemonade doesn’t kill ya, right?) and monitored my fat intake more closely in things like creams and condiments.

Each time I ate I had some protein, so that is already better than yesterday. 

Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I did a few toning exercises to make me more tired.

Mother Nature called this evening, I had to answer. 

Expect cravings this week.

I’ll keep some dark chocolate on-hand for emergencies!

Overall today was pretty good as far as diet goes. I need to up my fruits and DEFINITELY up my veggie intake… it’s almost nonexistent right now. Once the semester starts, I’m seriously considering starting Zija. Has anyone ever tried it?

I’d love to hear your opinions!

Gotta do a few “spare tire” tone-ups before bed!

Stay Beautiful!

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Well, it’s happened. 

Tonight, I saw a picture of myself and thought WOAH girl, how did you get that big? I tried dieting not too long ago… I worked my butt off for a few short weeks, lost a couple pounds, and gave up.

It’s time for a change.

I’ve seen other weight-loss blogs that were inspiring and seemed to motivate the author to lose more weight, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

You may be wondering why this blog is called, “When Pigs Fly 140.” Well it’s simple. I’ve always told myself that I’ll lose weight when pigs fly, and my goal weight is right around 140. I suppose it is time for those porkers to spread their wings, isn’t it?

I’m scared to weigh myself right now… it’s late at night and I just scarfed McDonald’s. Again. I can’t keep eating myself into a grave. 

I’ve always weighed more than I looked like. So I guess you could say that I’ve “carried my weight well.” I’m afraid that I can’t say that much any more. It’s caught up with me, and I can’t let it keep happening.

I’m just a regular girl.

A regular 5’5” girl… and the last time I weighed myself I was right around 183 lb. But I have been gaining so fast it seems, that I’m probably closer to 190.

I’m starting to notice the way my clothes are fitting my body differently, and can’t even wear my favorite outfits anymore. My ship has sunk!

I’ll try and update this thing about once a week, maybe more. How’s that sound?

Any tips for weight loss? I’ve found some decent looking workouts online that I will probably try. Dieting isn’t the easiest thing for me, because I don’t buy the groceries.

So follow my blog and see where it takes me. Feel free to ask me anything along the way. I’ll try not to disappoint.

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